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I'm Christy aka BellaNu
-South African, JHB city born,
-East Rand raised
-Daughter of the Universe
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-Poetry's lovechild
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-Everyone's sister <3

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Better You

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I wonder how many Nelson Mandela biopics that will skirt, if not entirely avoid, his more in depth opposition of imperialism, his anti Iraq War stance, his placement on the United States’s terrorism watch list, and his support for the Palestinian state just got the green light. The inevitable encroachment of capitalistic opportunism has, without a doubt, already began.


Lol, I haven’t posted in a long while! I’m sorry guys, I was prego and a little lazy. So just to fill in… My son came a little early but he’s healthy and beautiful! I feel so blessed

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Another thing we decided to do this year was collaborations, so i hooked up with Boys of Soweto member and fashion stylist Bobo Ndima for a concept shoot “Good Morning Johannesburg”. Here are some shots from the shoot. Enjoy

Photography and retouching: Jeff Rikhotso

Wardrobe & Styling: Bobo Ndima

Lights: Lebogang Ditibane

This was awesome

This is dope guys!!! *loves it*

Can i just sit here in awe for a good couple of hours?? Wow!!!!!!!!!! If Kendrick’s JHB leg of his tour to SA is anything like this, everyone is in for the treat of a damn lifetime!!!!!!!!!

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32 Powerful And Brutally Honest Tweets From #LifeOfAMuslimFeminist

The hashtag #lifeofamuslimfeminist began trending on Twitter Friday, and provided a “snippet of how badass, ruthless and honest, Muslim women” are.

Twitter user, @YxxngHippie, started the hashtag #lifeofamuslimfeminist to discuss the difficulties and complexities of being a Muslim feminist.Within hours, the hashtag #lifeofamuslimfeminist blew up on Twitter with several Muslim women contributing.Their personal and brutally honest tweets provided a compelling perspective on Muslim feminism.

(via buzfeed)

completely floored by the awesomeness  of these muslim feminists taking on the issues they face  from within their islamic communities (sexism and respectability politics) and from the outside (islamophobia, paternalistic white feminism, etc)